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Default Re: Spectrum Comms. Active Antenna problem

Hi David - I might have one of your toys here, although you may weep when I tell you how much I paid for it - a 3586A SLM in non working order - NZ$120, say GB£55! I'm not too sure whether it's an A,B or C - the NZ POTS must have had it made to order, although the POST says it's an "A" in the firmware. The dummy who installed the rack mounting plates used screws that were too long which bit into the display panel PCB and grounded a 5volt rail! As a result of that, the Molex connector from the big transformer to the power board had overheated and distorted. The bottomless junk box provided the parts and a couple of hours fixing the front panel switches and replacing the audio pot (how do you shear off the shaft?) and it's all good. The hi-stab oven is now my frequency reference!
Cheers - Martin ZL2MC

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