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Default Re: Akai VHS VCRs - want to hear your opinions on them

Originally Posted by nickdoofah View Post
I remember the Baird HiFi machine, mine would play HiFi tapes that were borderline & that my JVC HE-D910EK refused to track properly! The VFD on mine was failing even in the early 90's - I ended up keeping it just to copy to the other machine worn out HiFi recordings with the inevitable loss of picture quality but restored stereo sound! Me & my girlfriend at the time bought a new single speed mono machine with a peculiar 'Sideways' remote which was a pain to get used to holding, that was in 1989 Despite the odd remote, picture quality was very good as was the auto tracking feature!........Funny the things we remember in the audio/video world we lived in![
Thatís interesting to hear Nick and agreed itís cool that you guys remember these details. I was shocked by this Akai vs g240 as itís a well used machine and much lower and spec compare to the others Iíve used & Get it handled that old tape so well. Sometimes itís not just whatís written on paper itís the actual real world results that count. One of the big drawbacks of buying online is that we just canít appreciate the small differences between products anymore. Iím just glad that Iíve been able to still get good machines now before they disappear completely

Whatís your machine of choice these days? Or have you gone completely digital?

Thanks for sharing
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