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Default Re: Akai VHS VCRs - want to hear your opinions on them

Originally Posted by stuie319 View Post

We sold and rented the VS-Fxx range in vast numbers.
From memory, VS-F10 basic spec, 15 was long play, 33 was the text programmable version and 967 was the nicam machine.

Again from memory, there were three modifications that did a decent job of ending the reliability issue. The pressure roller was changed from a thrust type to a bearing based one, there was the little plastic insert that went under the carriage slider to stop the mech jumping timing, and a rejig of the DC-DC convertor that drove the FL display. The latter was an easy mod in the simple machines, but more of a faff in, for example the hifi one, since all the stacked pcbs would need to come out. Sloppy engineers would cut the plastics out from below the cabinet as a short cut (I hated it when I saw that)

Back to the main point, picture quality. Absolutely excellent. I often remarked upon it at the time, but it really was unbeatable. I'd argue that it was better than the Panasonic range of the same period, of which we also shifted loads. NV-J30,35, F-65 etc

They were really very good indeed

Thanks Stu interesting to hear about these exact issues were.. you guys have got incredible memories! Going right back to the rental days to! To be honest I wasn’t really expecting any replies to this and I do appreciate it thank you.
I wonder how accurate were connected to other big Japanese manufacturers.. Why are they making their own heads et cetera or using other brands?
Overall good to know you highly approve of the quality. Sounds like they’ve been majorly overlooked in the consumer space.
Thanks again for sharing
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