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Default Re: Akai VHS VCRs - want to hear your opinions on them

Originally Posted by AmplifyAudio View Post
Somebody gave me a faulty Akai VCR many years ago. No idea what model it was, but IIRC it was a fairly high spec 4 head HiFi deck with jog shuttle and a fair few bells and assorted whistles. I ended up repairing it (can't remember the fault either) and using it for a good few years and I remember it being a decent machine despite having a strong BPC look...

Unfortunately I lent it to a mate who I didn't see for a couple of years. The next time I saw him, he told me it stopped working so he threw it out.
Itís always a shame when these high-end decks die.. shame you never got the chance to fix. Iíve just spent £70 on a nice one although the seller is a house clearance guy.. looks lush though canít wait to use it! Something about those extra controls and knowing that itís going to be top-notch if itís working okay. I guess I need to look on this forum for a guide to servicing VHS machines. I do know some basics but would be useful to know some more specifics. Thanks for sharing
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