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Default Re: Philips 22cs1002

Originally Posted by Sideband View Post
I still think it's a decoupling problem.

If it was mine I would have scoped the supply rails by now.......
Absolutely agree!

My first thought when I saw the fault was decoupling to the RGB output stages. Even though it looks a little different to how that fault normally looks and the line is very narrow, the picture disturbance is still happening at line rate.

Therefore it's most likely to be line rate hash on one or more supply rails that are derived from the line output stage.

The other possibility is pick up from the line stage by the leads going to the tube base PCB. Less likely I know on a modern TV rather than a valve line O/P stage, but still theoretically possible.

Will be interested to see what it turns out to be! Reminds me of the monthly 'test case' in 'Television' magazine!

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