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Default Re: Akai VHS VCRs - want to hear your opinions on them

I came across two models in large numbers, the VS-F30 and VS-F600 rebadged as the Baird VC-142L and VC-143H. They used the same deck and suffered from mistiming of the front load rack and gear. Akai released a mod which consisted of a metal bush to stop the rack from flexing solving the issue.

Both machines had better than average picture quality in my opinion and the HiFi audio on the VC-143 would playback the worst of tapes that other makes just gave up on.

Sadly both machines suffered from poor electrolytics in the PSU, on the VC-142 particularly it would overun the heaters of the VFD leading to it's early demise. I seem to recall a mod but it only put off the inevitable replacement.

They also fell foul of the Y2K bug and were withdrawn from rental, staff could buy them for a fiver. Still wish I had my VC-143H and it's "Beam me up Scottie" remote.

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