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Default Re: Large Screen Oscilloscopes

Originally Posted by woodchips View Post
As David says, I did have an HP 143 and I did give it away. A search of this forum and my emails hasn't identified who, it was many years ago.

David, didn't you end up with the Kikusi large screen scope? That was electromagnetic deflection and will only do 10kHz or so, unlike the 143 which managed 20MHz.

Would have thought that any digital scope could put the display on any size screen you want?
Hopefully it's still out there somewhere then. In the 15 years I've been collecting vintage HP I've only seen three 143x series for sale, two 143A in the US and one 143S in Germany, the serial numbers should give a clue that not too many were made.

HP 143A serial no. 171.
Click image for larger version

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HP 143A serial no. 149, it took the owner of this one a year to find a replacement CRT after the original was destroyed in transit. It was sold again with a lot of plug-ins.
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Another on here;

HP 143S serial no. 277 spectrum analyzer version, still accepts the scope plug-ins.
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I have the Kikusui 512AS Alignmentscope, it's currently in storage with a lot of my test equipment, didn't manage to take any pictures before either.
We had two similar large screen X/Y scopes (can't remember the make) at work with long persistance CRT's used for drop-testing of DC motor armatures, think they have both disappeared now.

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