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Default Re: Large Screen Oscilloscopes

Thank you, all!

The scope is for audio use, so BW doesn't need to be high (although 10K is about the lowest I've ever seen!).

TTi made a digitiser unit that added storage to analogue scopes. I don't think that it can connect to general TVs. I guess a Picoscope could be employed... I'd need to find a monitor. It won't look as sharp as a nice analogue scope, though.

My ideal giant-screen scope would have a phosphorescent screen and look a bit like an Airmec. It's mostly for fun, for when clients visit. I have a small collection of analogue scopes, which get used occasionally (instant response), but in truth, the daily driver is a boring digital scope. Maybe I should use the analogue scopes more often, as a means of keeping my mental arithmetic in order...if you don't use it, you lose it!
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