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Default Re: 807 tube amp, any ideas?

Originally Posted by G6Tanuki View Post
In times-past I built a bunch of push-pull-807 amps: control- and screen-grids strapped together triode-style, zero-bias Class-B with 750V on the anodes.

120 Watts output!

It always seems deeply-sad when I see a couple of 807s used in a circuit that only delivers a few tens of Watts output.
WOW, Im assuming you must have had a fair few tubes in parallel to get that much power in triode mode?

Most audiophiles appear to go for lower wattage, more inefficient Class A amps that are supposed to be the best "sounding"

I think there is some truth to this, but IDK how much better a class A amp sounds over a class AB or B amp for example.
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