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Default Re: Non-working Commodore PET 3016

Originally Posted by SiriusHardware View Post
I didn't realise the PC was so early, I wasn't really aware of them until the late eighties / early nineties.
That would have presumably been the PS/2 (otherwise known as PS half). IBM used to dominate the computer market with their "fear and confusion" strategy. It never occurred to them that people might buy computers without IBM's permission. When sales of mainframes dropped things like the PET and the TRS80 were well established. That was late 70s. I remember walking past the Commodore shop in Euston road on the way to work where they had a PET on display in the window showing a Starship Enterprise animation. IBM rushed to get the original PC onto the market as quickly as possible when they realised what was happening.

Was the Pet successful in France? It's one of those international marketing pitfalls. It's French for "fart"

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