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Default Re: Your thoughts on modernising old tech?

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I'm afraid I have no love at all for plastic 80's domestic gear! I just don't "get it" personally but there does seem to be an increasing collectors market for such stuff. Someone brought in for repair a HUGE early 80's ghetto blaster a year or so ago and I had to really bite my lip not to just say "take it to a skip mate, it was all it was good for even when new".... I looked the nasty contraption up on google and found that people were paying up to about 800 for them!! Unbelievable... We're talking fake "chromed" plastic, ultra tacky nastiness here. I guess it's nostalgia rather than the equipment being of great quality, a classic etc.

I understand what your saying, for me its history, its what i grew up with, seeing/owning.
I actually like the way they look too.
The 80's was my era, I have all my fondest memories from then.

As for modding it, to be honest this unit will be used daily, so I'm going to make it uesable for us, I will be buying a better condition one to keep stock.

Oh I guess all era's and genres will and indeed should have their collectors

That's my era as well in as much as I was 15 in 1980 so have many memories of "the age of silver plastic gear", which I guess prob began more around 1978 or so. Each to their own etc... I recall even at the time when this sort of gear was new I thought it seemed like they were deliberately trying to make it look as plasticky, tacky etc as they could!

Mind you, even when I was that age I lusted after Leak and Quad and was far too geeky to be hanging out with the boy's from the 'hood, body popping to the latest hip hop beats on their 12 D cell "portable" ghetto blaster
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