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Default Re: Capacitor voltage ratings: AC / DC / dual

If you are referring to the polyester caps that are flat with coloured bands, they are very reliable and would not normally need replacing. They can be damaged mechanically quite easily by pulling or tugging on the leads when they can become detached. Electrically, I've never had a faulty one.

They do have values....the colour code is the same as the resistor code with the exception of the last band which is either red or = 250Vdc, brown is 100Vdc.

The first three colours indicate the value (example brown, black, orange = 1 0,000 = 10,000pF or .01uF. The fourth band is the tolerance (white I think is 10%, black is 20% but I could be corrected on this). The fifth band is the voltage rating as mentioned above.
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