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Default Re: Anyone have a time machine I could borrow?

As a kid in the school Cadet Force sometime in the early-70s I went to visit the "Signals Stores" at COD Donnington in order to collect a bunch of new dry-batteries for our 88-sets. The WS88 was long-since obsolete in Service use, the stockpile of batteries were coming to the end of their storage-life and they were happy for me to take as many [oblong things in brown waxed-cardboard cases] as I could carry - so I did.. In said stores they also had _huge_ piles of Pye C12 transceivers/ATUs/power-supplies/antenna-kits/vehicle-appliques - kit I was rather familiar with since I regularly operated one on the Cadet Force HF national radio-net. The QM Sergeant-Major said these were all going to be sold for scrap... if only I could have found out where they went and 'liberated' a few en-route...

If I had a time-machine I'd go back to the 1970s and invest some of my earnings in a pallet or two of genuine GEC "Gold Lion" KT88s to lay-down in a cellar somewhere...

And on the way back from the 70s I'd arrange to leave a mesage-for-myself to be discovered sometime around 2012 saying "buy Tesla, Google and Bitcoin".
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