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Exclamation HMV Stereo Master 2419

Greetings fellow enthousiasts!

I have registered on this forum hoping to find some assistance in restoring my HMV Stereo master 2419!
About three years ago I was lucky enough to acquire this turntable, and with some help from YouTube and forums like this one able to bring this beaut back to life!

So far I've encountered the most common problems with this device.. the frozen bearings, deteriorated woofers, replacement stylus.. and a generous amount of wax/oil to buff up to veneer.. And this turntable has been working brilliantly ever since!

Of course I read about replacing the capacitors when I was working on this turntable some three years ago.. but this endeavour seemed too far at hand at the time..
Now However I feel it is time as a humming noise on both the left and right channel has left me using only the tweeters..

Though I do have the technical repair manual, or page.. as it seems to be not much of an actual manual..

I am finding it a struggle to find out which capacitors would be required to be refitted, and what capacitors would be suitable!
So I was hoping someone might have recently (or once in a lifetime) conquered this endeavour, and might still have their shopping list compiled and could point me in the right direction!

I might add however, that I have not added the 2 ohm resistor to the woofers as I know I should have.. I always meant for this to happen..but shear lazyness won this hand.. so hopefully the humming on the woofers is not down to this lack of discipline?

Any help would be much appreciated!


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