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Default Re: Tandberg Huldra 8 valve failure

Originally Posted by ms660 View Post
Any chance of a close up photo of the original fuse that blew? It might give an idea as to the severity of any current flow at that time etc.
Hi Lawrence,

I'm reckoning that the fuse went with some severity as the OP stated that in post #1 that a flash was observed in the EM87 which was accompanied by a smell, the original thought by the OP was that it was the EM87 itself which expired, however the EM87 has since been tested for continuity and all seems well with it so in post #21 & #22 it has been presumed that what the OP observed was the flash from the fuse through the EM87 as it blew.

I'm certainly interested to find out the cause of this.

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