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Default Re: 2019 Solihull TV Junk-Swap and Get-Together

Had a fantastic day Mike and thanks for hosting such a good get together.
We managed to get that wreck of a GEC/Sobell up and running... Lack of EHT was caused by the desaturation choke mounted on the LOPT sagging due to overheating and S/C turns. Shorting it out produced correct EHT and good width.The tube was very low emission but after blasting it to death we managed to get quite a good picture. The frame was all over the place caused by leaking caps and high value resistors, soon corrected.

I discovered a core adjuster tool in the base of the cabinet and yes it had been twiddled. Quite crazy as these receivers never need realignment. It can be easily corrected of course with a signal generator but it was decided to leave it alone once a reasonable picture had been obtained. I think we had all had enough of it!

It had been stored in damp conditions for decades so not a bad result really. It was great meeting up with all my friends and hope to do it all again some time in the future. Thanks again Mike. Regards, John.
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