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Default Re: Snell & Wilcox standards convertor CVR22

Originally Posted by beamcurrent View Post
In the case of older Quantel kit some brave souls have started collecting and preserving these early digital effects units. Paintboxes, Harry's, Mirage ....
Indeed they have - and more power to their elbows. This was seriously well designed and built equipment. The problem is lack of service information and (as mentioned above) masses of manufacturer specific ASICS and programmable devices.

I tried a while back through some contacts I know to get Quantel to release service data into the Public Domain in the same was that TEK and HP have. I didnít get anywhere, not I suspect becuase they are bothered about the dissemination of IP, but rather the lack of continuity at the top of the company between the 80s & 90s and now.

I also wonder if a lot of the information has actually be retained
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