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Default Re: Linn Classik Movie System

Thanks everyone for the input.

It is a DVD player but it controls the speakers in my house and a Linn turntable.
The DVD player has been used primarily as a CD player.
Since they are still priced in the 'upper brackets' second hand on eBay, I assume they are still relatively sought after, even if they are a glorified DVD player.

The moral of the story -- don't invest too much for a decade later, it is obsolete. There goes a lesson for Linn.

I tried to attach the link from eBay in my initial posting to illustrate what I had been looking at, each time, whomever moderates, removed the reference.
If this was the way to go, I was unsure whether to purchase this : SCART to HDMI Adapter 1080P HD Video Audio Upscale Converter USB Cable TV DVD UK

But I see an eBay link in a reply and I will take a look and see if it links in with my initial thoughts.

Thanks to all for your kind assistance ... I have 2 Linn players so possibly, given the price they still seem to 'achieve' on eBay, I should sell the two and with the money buy something new, mid range and the balance goes on a nice bottle of Vodka !

Cheers !
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