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Default Re: Linn Classik Movie System

Hi Paolo,

I can't see the Digital Input on the Linn in your Photo because you still have a
cable plugged into it.

I have to say, it looks more like a Digital Coaxial Cable to me in the Photo, but as
long as you are sure it is optical, and it worked with your old TV, then that is
good news, because according to the information I can find on your New
Sony Bravia, that too has a Digital Optical output.

The Linn either has an RCA/Phono socket, or an Optical Connector for it's
Digital Audio. As I said, I can't see which one from your Photo.

Theoretically then, you only need an Optical Cable, and the one you were
using before should work Ok.

You just need to find the correct Output on the new TV and plug your old
optical cable into it.
Assuming of course, the Digital input on the Linn is definitely Optical and not

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