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Default Re: Linn Classik Movie System

Hi Paolo,

If you want to feed Audio from your HDMI TV to your
I assume Analogue Linn Klassic Movie System, then you
will need an HDMI Input to Scart Output Converter.

i.e HDMI output from the TV going into the HDMI input of the converter.
which will then have it's Scart Output going to the Scart Input of the Linn.
Hope that makes sense.

Although Manufacturers sometimes have strange ways of describing their Inputs & Outputs,
depending on whether they are stating the actual, or referenced to what they are connecting too.

Might be better, to let us know which version of the Linn you have.
Seems there are different versions available, and some actually have Digital inputs available.

Likewise, which Sony TV do you have?

I would be surprised (or maybe not) if the Sony TV doesn't have an Analogue
Audio output somewhere already.
Assuming you actually need an Analogue connection.
In which case, you wouldn't need a Converter.

Obviously, a Digital connection would be significantly better.


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