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Default Re: What is a Success Story?

Originally Posted by QQVO6/40 View Post
I say put it all in here and if a person does not like a particular item then do not read it.
Absolutely! I've no problems with that, but in order to be able to do that the thread has to be first correctly categorised so you know which posts are of interest to you and which to ignore.

For me, this 'conservation/originality' issue is not one of inclusion on the forum but where to include it. The reason the forum has sections is so that members can pick and choose what is relevant to them and read only the posts that they are interested in.

When I view the 'Success Stories' section I expect to see reports of repair and restoration, after all that is what the header states and Paul Stenning's post #1 of this thread unambiguously asks for. No matter how you look at it, conservation or maintaining originality by doing nothing to a set is not any form of repair/restoration, it is in fact the direct opposite.

If the forum starts to allow threads in sections where they clearly, by stated forum definition, should not be then the well ordered structure it has at present will quickly degrade into something where it is impossible to quickly locate what you are looking for.


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