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Default Re: PTFE tape for transformer insulation

Originally Posted by Nickthedentist View Post
Our autoclave at work definitely has PTFE tape on some of the threaded pipe joints.
Tell me if I'm wrong, but don't steam sterilisers work at around 120-130'C? If so, that is well within the limit of ~260'C that's typically quoted for PTFE, whereas the work I referred to above was at well over 300'C.

As for de-soldering tools at ~400'C, I guess that's just the brevity of operation, compared with stuff that's running 24/7 for months on end.

The safe use of PTFE is one of those subjects that comes up on the forum every so often, and the conversation is always much the same. I see that RS now has a page on it's website devoted to PTFE tape, which you can now get with particles of nickel embedded in it to stop galling on stainless steel fittings . Wow, young people today....

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