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Default Re: Restoring Brass Etched Labels

I've got the same problem!
I prepared some artwork by scanning and cleaning an image of this type of label. Another forum member has then passed it on to an engraver he knows, to see what he can come up with. It's being treated by the engraver as a 'fit it in between other jobs' to keep the cost down, so no date for completion.
Depending on his success, we might then go for a batch of blank labels which he can then 'reprocess' to add unit-specific text as required.
The cleaned image is 2.5MB, so too big to add here, I'll email a copy to you direct.
I'll keep you informed of progress.

I've had success cleaning existing labels using a soft sanding pad, gently pressing the label face down with two fingers on a pad lubricated with water and a few drops of washing-up liquid on a flat work-top surface, polishing in a circular motion.

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