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Default Restoring Brass Etched Labels


I think that I have a 'brass etched label' on a WW2 SBA receiver that I am 'restoring'.

It is of course corroded and in need of TLC so I've messed about with it to the point where I will just make it worse (see attached 'before' and 'oh Gawd' images). So I've decided that a new one to the exact design is called for - in any event I need a new label for the cover as this one is missing - well removed actually, by the RAF.

Does anyone know of a good reputable company that could make me a label to my own artwork? There are many on the web but a personal recommendation would be appreciated as well as any tips on actually making a good job of the original (which I would really like to use of course, and I have others to do!)

Noting that the 'black bits' were cut into the brass I reasoned that laying it flat on some 2000 grit paper would only polish the raised brass bits - worked great for a lot of the label but not all - I assume that there was some distortion that caused some of the black to be abraded. I did use my trusty Dremel to polish some edges that I could isolate but that won't work for all of it as I don't want to erode the lettering.

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