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Default Re: Downloadable Test Card DVD

Originally Posted by echelon
A few questions/points for you: can you please explain the resoultion difference between the two Test Card F versions, one of which is showing a BBC identifier, and the other which is showing your SWETV museum? Presumably the museum version is a direct digital creation, rather than a screen-grab for the BBC version?
Hi Echelon.

My apologies for not replying sooner - I only just noticed that there was a reply.

Just a quick note about TCF and TCJ - Test card F was the original George-Hersee designed version from 1967 which was simply filmed off a card by a normal TV camera. The TCJ was a much later all-electronic version with a few differences - a slightly bigger circle, a slightly zoomed out picture of Carol and Bubbles and a few other bits and bobs.

Would you have any plans to add to content of this disk? May I place with you some Viewers' Requests? A high-res BBC recreated Test Card F would be great, as would a PM5544 card, and also a dot/spot convergence signal.
There is now a new version (see below) which has the PM5544 card and a few other bits and bobs which have been tidied up from the previous version. I may well put a few things on in future version - certainly the cross-hatch wants modifying a bit and I may add dots too. Also a "next" / "prev" option too, but that means doing a bit of programming, which sounds complicated.

Thanks Echelon.

Kind regards.

From Mike.
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