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Default Re: Help to identify old Philips valve radio. BIF 571A.

The main filter might not need replacing.

If you decide to restuff it, make sure the new capacitors can withstand the ripple current. Many modern parts don't. You'd be looking for the very long, narrow ones used in LCD TV power supplies, or the short stubby ones with snap in pins. Even then, make sure to have a look at the datasheet first. The 100Hz ripple rating should be somewhere in the range of 300-500mA if I remember correctly.

Originally Posted by paulsherwin View Post
It does look as if Philips Ireland just took the 353A chassis and built a nice wooden cabinet for it, adding a magic eye. I wonder if Philips GB had stopped production by then and had some surplus parts and tooling.
I noticed in the service manual that lots of key parts - including the cabinet - have Dutch part numbers. This fits into the idea that the set may have been partially based upon some Dutch export or CKD model. Models that often didn't have FM, so the addition of a British FM part makes extra sense within that context as well; in any case the FM tuner looks very non-continental, so that may have been one of the British surplus legacy parts.

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