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Default Re: NVCF Warwickshire Sunday 12th May

I'd like to add my thanks to to the organisers and, particularly the team on the bring & buy stall.

Everything I put up for sale sold for my asking price and all the stuff I donated went too, so I went back home with an empty car, except for the 51 LPs I bought from the B&B, oh, and the 26 10" 78s and large box of 8" & 9" 78s from the nearby record stall! Bargain of the day was the job lot of CDs for 1 (predominantly Bing Crosby) and also for good measure 2 old Dymo printers, again, from the B&B.

I also noticed the reduction in stalls and number of visitors, but hopefully this was only a temporary thing. I wonder if all the road closues around Birmingham etc. for that bike event put off a lot of casual visitors from nearby?

Anyway, I'm already looking forward to the next one


P.S. I really wanted to be driving home in that Brimar Morris van. . .
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