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Default Re: Radiomobile 106S

Alan, I guess by now you'll have seen my reply to the previous thread about the manual and belt dimensions. David (teetoon) is right about the external wiring. Originally there will have been labels on the red and black wires marked 'sinistro' (left) and 'destro' (right)- the 108 series was Italian in origin made by Voxson originally. If your 106S is a N/P version then it's polarity can be changed by swapping over two wires either side of the large electrolytic capacitor on the LH end of the output PCB. If the model no. does not include the 'N/P' suffix it is Negative Earth Only The supply lead should incorporate an in-line fuseholder containing a 5 Amp fuse, and may include a filter choke, but, for some reason I could never understand, these items were often cut off. Since there are no internal fuses in these products, an in-line fuse is, IMHO, Essential.
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