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Default Re: Are these Revox tape heads scrap?

Originally Posted by stevehertz View Post
The proof of the pudding is in the eating - how do they perform? Do they 'work'? I wouldn't discard rare heads like that if they are working, even if it's below par. Also, pure alcohol shouldn't leave streaks, if streaks are being left, then clean again using IPA from a chemist on a cotton bud. It doesn't look as if the complete face of the heads has been cleaned 'properly' to me.
Yes, the heads work but I haven't yet measured the frequency response.

The heads were filthy, really clagged up with tape shed and sticky stuff. I always use cotton buds and 100% pure alcohol (IPA), these images were taken after the initial wiping just to show the extent of the wear. They need taking out of the machine and properly cleaning now - I wasn't going to bother if they were scrap!

I have contacted Summertone to get them refaced - it'll make me happier to know that they have been properly treated!

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