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Default Re: Philips 663A combined radio/television 1948

Philips weirdness at it's best! Crazy early flyback EHT generation with TWO B4 based HVR2 EHT rectifiers in voltage doubler circuit with their 4V heaters fed from a separate mains transformer 6.3v primary, 2 X 4v secondaries. From whatI I can remember, three heavy mains transformers into the bargain. EBL31 video output valve! Crazy!

Yes a superhet using Mullard red E radio valves in the front end and a LOPT that looks like a PP9 battery.. There were a lot of superhets in early TV circuits including pre war. HMV 904, 1804, Murphy A56V and 114, plus the Vidor range and many more.
Good luck with that one Matt. Watch yer back when moving it! better to hire a crane. Regards, John.
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