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Default Re: Battery data and socket diagrams

See also
I hope eventually to have everything 1887 to 1967 on it including labels, spec, connections and how to replicate.

Connector page for batteries

I've only just figured how I want to do the individual batteries
The label to print, construction details and such will be added on these sort of pages.

I have a lot of stuff in spreadsheets and nearly 50 replica types made. Also loads of catalogues (bought some of eBay from USA and UK). So lots of work to do. Any keen battery replicator/collector want to join forces and help?

Sorry lots of broken links as I was experimenting.

All suggestions for improvements welcomed. The connector pages combine three different sources.
I have an Exide catalogue on its way. Also I have old US Eveready, US Burgess and some UK Ever Ready.

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