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Default Re: Cretinous idea - The combined volume pot and mains SW.

Originally Posted by Electronpusher0 View Post

I plan to do something similar in my next preamp project. Mount a rotary mains switch on an L shaped bracket near the back of the enclosure. Use a section of 6mm plastic knitting needle as the extension connected by sleeve to the switch.
Bring the plastic shaft out of the front panel by dismantling an old pot and just use the front panel mounting part with the 6mm hole in it to guide the knitting needle. Mount a knob on the needle to match the other controls.

I don't think it's necessary to butcher a pot to do this, especially if the pot has some life in it. You could cobble together a "bearing" for the knitting needle out of a suitable piece of tubing, metal or plastic would do. This can be an interference fit or maybe glued into the front panel with a bit of Araldite. I did a similar thing years ago when I made a 'scope using a VCR97 crt and a circuit from "Practical Wireless" when I was at school (yonks ago). Both the focus and intensity controls were connected this way.

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