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Default Re: Valve Items - Philips/Mullard Rimlock-to-Noval Transition

Originally Posted by kalee20 View Post
One thing I have noticed between B8A rimlock, and B9A noval (and B7G), the pins of B8A valves are hard and stiff, whereas the others aren't.

I can see the need for pins that bend, if the valve is knocked sideways in the valveholder then the pins bend rather than the glass breaks. And B8A valves are supported by the skirt anyway so the force is not taken by the pins. But given that bendy pins would not detract from the valve in B8A, and given that the alloy had already been developed for B7G, what did B8A have rigid pins? Or was it just cheaper?
The design of the glass base and pins was likely based on the older B8G base, so developed before the B7G.
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