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Default Re: MK14 Programming Interface

Originally Posted by SiriusHardware View Post
Actually, I thought Tim was going to do a full-on MK14 Text Adventure which ingeniously uses a serial EEPROM to hold all of the map, location texts, objects, vocabulary and possibly even location graphics as per 'The Hobbit'. That right, Tim?

As we still don't have an official or agreed keymap for a QWERTY keyboard, we could maybe bit-bang comms for a PC PS/2 keyboard.
I will get right on it, after the PICL, COSMAC ELF, Ortonview, PI Uploader, SOFTY, Triton 2708 EPROM programmer software ROM and getting the Triton's case made and installed, Fixing the H9, Finding the IRQ Bug on the H8 - I have yet to build my Acorn System 1 or ZX80 as well. There is a 77/68 on its way (as my 6800 system instead of the System 68 I was building so I can have a Rack Scrumpi as JMK originally envisaged it) and I need to get Phil's QuidBoard working for my Z80 uP dev unit. Then we have reverse engineering the Scrumpi 3 video (via an adapted OrtonView to simulate it) and building a real one and developing the extended Network/Serial driver for the Next in time for launch of KS2. I also need to finish the Dragon 32/64 upgrade that has the 80 column card in it and get the lowercase rom running. Then there are all the repairs like my BBC, several Spectrums and no end of other stuff...

I still think a real scanned keyboard addon on the port is the best though as it will be authentic to the time - they must have had a prototype.

I recently game across a quite advanced adventure game from 1978/9 on the KIM-1 that only used the Hex Keypad and normal display - having limited verbs basically - far more then the Maze game from Compliment and Add as actually what you suggest may be possible - descends into another rabbit hole muttering "no time", "no time"
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