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Default Re: MK14 Programming Interface

Thinking about making send14 configurable in a more friendly way, we could make it so that any 'switch' command issued when send14 is run creates a config file which is always looked for first when the program starts, so

If no config file found and no optional switch commands issued, run using the settings embedded in the program.

If switch command issued and no previous config file found, create a new config file with all settings including the new setting saved in it and apply the switch command setting for this run

If there is an existing config file and there are no switch commands issued, run using the settings found in the config file.

If there is an existing config file and there is a switch command issued, update the config file with the new setting and then run using the new setting.

The point of this is that it lets you issue switch commands on a one-shot basis, after which the program continues to run in that mode until you issue another switch command so you don't have to remember to type e.g 'send14 moonland.hex OS=old' every time you run it. After the first time, the config file will 'remember' that your preference is to run in Old-OS mode.

Examples of parameters we might control in this way:

-OS output mode (Output keypresses as required by the old or new OS)

-Speed parameters, either singly or as a set

-Standard MK14 or JMP MK14 (only for use with opto interface with more optos than the current one has)

-VDU inactive / active (Increase all timing values by x% when an active VDU is connected).

-4.00MHz / 4.43MHz (select between two sets of timing values, one optimised for 4MHz machines, the other for 4.43MHz machines).
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