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Default Re: MK14 Programming Interface

So that means you need either 8 column optos or 8 row optos - maybe both, if you don't know in advance whether the target system needs to pull the lines up or pull the lines down.

Also the polarity matters, so you need to cater for the possibility that the target system might have a large number of driven lines and a small number of read lines, or a small number of driven lines and a large number of read lines.

It might also be useful to have up to two additional undedicated optos (like the reset opto, the output of which is not specifically connected to anything) - these would be for connecting straight across the CTRL and SHIFT keys on an alphanumeric matrix keypad, so that the uploader could press one of these keys at the same time as pressing any other key on the keyboard via the more usual row / column joining method.
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