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Default Re: Hi From Cathy Lissen/Eveready Kenilworth??

Ash here .. capacitors won't be here unit Tuesday as I need to order other parts for my job along with them. I already have the silicone coated, woven glass wire / sleeving so no worries there to rewire the dodgy HT wires.

Spent yesterday evening, later on after testing the mains Tx, reading the interesting tale on this site of 'whiskers on AFxxx's'. You will probably guess why. Moderator Paul will definitely know as I downloaded a service sheet off here ! Guess I have caught the 'bug' I knew I should have walked away from that car boot guy who persuaded Cathy to buy the Eveready 30's set.

Also read with interest on here the tales of Philips G6 EHT stages and X-rays --scary.. I won't be searching for one those in a rush

Back to the Eveready saga. Once we get it working ( getting all confident now) should we run it, in everyday use from an isolation transformer just in case the old mains Tx breaks down or would a 30mA RCD plug suffice? It must be a common question/concern on here.
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