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Exclamation Re: Can you give me advice on safety please?

Originally Posted by ppppenguin View Post
If you are carrying a CRT and touch the EHT connection the otherwise pretty harmless shock may make you drop it.
To which I would add:

1. ALWAYS discharge the EHT cavity before handling.
2. NEVER carry a CRT by holding it by its neck alone!
3. BEFORE you pick it up, decide where you're going to then PUT IT DOWN - and make sure you have a soft, clean cloth to put the CRT FACE DOWNWARDS on it. NEVER put a CRT down with it resting on one edge and its neck.
4. DON'T knock / jolt Trinitron CRTs: if you do, you stand a good chance of throwing the aperture grill (aka shadow mask) out of alignment. It's then bye-bye CRT!

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