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Default Re: Can you give me advice on safety please?

Originally Posted by ballistic View Post
however it leaves you feeling that 20,000 volts is just going to jump across a 2 inch gap and zap you when you least expect it!!!
Most of us who have worked on tellies and monitors have had an EHT belt. Unless you are working on a very early TV with (very) lethal mains derived EHT this is rarely too dangerous. You are most unlikely to be working on a set like that. The main problems are mechanical. You jump back, fall over the stool or the cat, and bump your head A CRT can carry quite a fair charge even when removed from the set. The charge can creep back even after you have discharged it. If you are carrying a CRT and touch the EHT connection the otherwise pretty harlmess shock may make you drop it.
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