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Default Re: Can you give me advice on safety please?

Hi Ballistic.

First things first.
Any help in staying alive appreciated
The best advise here is, if you are really unsure DO NOT TOUCH.

However assuming you have decided that you are willing to give it ago. There are some basic rules to follow.

Use an ISOLATING Transformer.
Keep well away from the EHT lead running from the large rubber cap attached to the tube at one end down to the LOPT at the other.

As long as you keep well away from that, then you should not really encounter voltages much higher than about 500.

The main area in a TV that could maintain high voltages for an extended period of time, is the EHT cap on the tube already discussed, this is because the tube is in fact a high voltage capacitor, formed by the internal coating from the EHT cap, and the external Aquadaq coating.

When adjusting the G2 controls a good quality trimming tool should be perfectly safe (no metal watchmakers screwdrivers etc ).

Above all though as I said earlier, if you are in any doubt get an experienced service engineer to help you.

Stay safe

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