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Default Re: New Aurora converter - help wanted with review

Sean, that's effectively what I'm using except it's the monitor version CVM-90UB. It's hardly a set I'd use for critical assessment. I've already looked on the analyser and seen loads of harmonics which don't matter in a closed circuit environment. Otherwise the RF output looks fine on the analyser. What I need to look for is more subtle things like patterning and sound/vision crosstalk. I've got a suspected patterning problem on channel 10 which could easily be the set and a possible digital breakthrough problem on channel 3.

I'm trying to get hold of John Thompson (not a forum member) who's not too far from me and has a selection of sets. I may also go down to Gerry's museum though he doesn't really have 13 channel sets on display.

The review is going well otherwise. The video output is excellent (no surprises there) and a couple of minor problems I've found will be ironed out before any are delivered to customers. I just need to get a good look at the modulator performance and then I can submit the review to Carl for publication.
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