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Default Re: Bush AC34, no sound.

Hi lads,
attached voltage readings from UCH42 through 3 wavwbands

Cleaned valve seats, cleaned wiper on tuning capacitor and waveband switch.
Reasonable reception on SW if only we could hold the station.
E.G.Tuned in radio romania and was listening ok when station vanished,retuned again and same happened...this time a slight tap on the tuning cap brought it back. but it will not hold. It is the same for anything on SW
Slight improvement on MW but with same issues as Sw. MW seems to receive only one end of the waveband.
Nothing on LW
For some reason the set will not stay on a waveband ,it needs a tap or two to get the band e.g. switch set to SW but nothing heard, a slight tap on the tuner and the waveband appears, I can then move up and down the band but it keeps dropping!
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