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Default Re: Bush VHF61 Quiet on VHF

The VHF64 is, very loosely a '61/2 with better 'speakers and a tweeter. Of course, it all comes in a bigger box. Bush also did the honourable and correct thing and equipped the set with a decent power supply (bigger transformer and an EZ81 rectifier) enabling the EL84 to be run at a higher voltage.

RF-wise, the sets are just about identical (the '64 has SW - hopeless, of course) but if you can be bothered to get the hum out of the '64 it's a great sounding machine. Mine needed 3 rather fundamental mods to achieve a reasonably low hum level. Later sets might need 2 of them.

Hum on the '61 is much less of a problem because of the small 'speaker's limited bass response and the lower total HT current, which gives rise to less ripple.


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