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Default Sansui SC-3330 - No rewind or FF - No Sound

Hi folks,

First-time poster - so please feel free to keep me right!

I have a Sansui SC-3330 which I picked up recently.

It looks in fabulous condition inside & out - but it has a couple of issues.

1 - While the tape appears to play fine in PLAY mode, there doesn't seem to be anything getting sent to the audio outs or the VU meter. Even a noisy tape, volume at full, nothing registers on the outputs or the meter.

2 - While PLAY mode seems OK mechanically, FF and REW fail to move the tape at all. The little bars engage to lock the tape in place and a motor / pulley / belt kick into action at the back - but nothing happens up front.

I'm far from an expert but the belts I can see / access all feel OK to me.

I have made a short video which hopefully shows both these issues:

Any thought or help much appreciated!
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