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Default Re: Possibly a Barton and/or Premier?

Very nice too - and well restored Beardyman. The dial is in particularly good shape - they're too easily damaged.

My guess is that it's built from a Barton kit because the Premier models usually had 'Premier Radio' printed in the middle of the dial.

This was the first 'proper' radio that I built: it was from a Barton kit back around 1954 I think. Once I'd sorted out my wiring errors, it worked very well. The 6.3V heater transformer and mains derived HT was pretty standard with these.

Out of sheer nostalgia, I've collected one or two samples of these kit radios, both superhet and TRF. Some of the valve line-ups were distinctly odd, depending on what ex-WD valves were cheapest in those post-war years. I'm guessing that yours has the standard 6K8, 6K7, 6Q7, 6V6 lineup?

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