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Default Re: Any other plug collectors out there?

I suspect the patent was for the idea of colour-coding the sleeves to match the wire colours, not for the specific colours used. I am not a lawyer, and it may well have been some other form of legal protection rather than a patent.

I do wonder what 'qualification' is needed to use a mains cable with bare ends. I am sure I don't have it (for the record I have no qualifications in electronics other than passing the RAE many years ago, my licence may well have expired now (I am not active so that is not a real problem)). But I have wired dozens of mains plugs and cables with no 'incidents'.

To me, moulded plugs are a pain, and in a sense a waste of money. I do not trust connections that I have not inspected (and am not able to inspect). So anything that will be left running unattended, or anything that consumes a significant current (anything with a heating element) gets the moulded plug cut off and a rewireable plug fitted.
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