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Default Working Simon SP4 - next steps?

Hi All,

New the forum, hope everyone is well!

I have a Simon SP4 left to me by my father. It's in mostly working order but is unrestored apart from replacement of the rubber chassis anti-vibration mounts with some silicone pads.

The transport works in both directions. Occasionally the take-up spool momentarily stops, probably due to flats in the drive rollers. This usually cures itself after a few minutes of running.

Sound is OK, decently loud but muffled. Could be head alignment, but could also be drifting caps or similar. Some of the pots are crackly. There's no significant hum in the output.

I feel like it should be receiving at bit of TLC at it's time of life, but where would be a good place to start?

I have a reasonable amount of experience in general electronics, access to equipment and also to a 3D printer.

Any insight appreciated!

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