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Default Re: advice needed

Best approach with something like this to be used by others is to restore/repair to original specification. That takes care of its legality in case of any problems. At least this set has a double wound transformer psu so there's no live chassis problem to consider.

The problem with PAT testing this sort of equipment (two core mains input, floating electronics unless an earth is plugged in to the RF earth socket) is that it doesn't conform exactly to either class 1 or class 2 present day standards. You could make it class 1 by fitting a 3-core mains lead and earthing the chassis and record deck but then you've modified it and lost any legal "grandfather" rights as to its safety even though it may well be "safer".

Ultimately it comes down to the stance of the care home management on the issue of PAT testing- there's no legal requirement for PAT testing as such, only that equipment provided must be safe; PAT testing provides the telephone directory down the trousers for them as regards to their due diligence in providing that safe equipment. A risk analysis carried out on the set which confirmed that it was exactly as original and met the safety requirements of its day would do just as well but finding a qualified person to sign up to that might be "difficult".

If the care home wants "period" equipment as part of a special environment for dementia sufferers or the like, then they'll have to bite the bullet on this, otherwise it would be much easier to go for the modern equivalent to a radiogram.

Good luck!
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