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Default Re: Are AF11*'s repairable?

Originally Posted by Radio_Dave
Yes, I've heard about discharging a capacitor but I was wondering if it's possible to remove the outer casing and remove the whiskers completely? There isn't a vacuum inside a transistor is there

The problem here is that if you remove the can you are for all intents and purposes breaking the connection to the screen lead, thus you are effectively doing the same thing as snipping the screen lead. Also you will likely need heat in order to remove the can and this will likely cause further damage.

I only use the capacitor blast trick if I've no replacements to hand, otherwise I just replace the damn things. There are plenty of dirt-cheap transistor radios at boot sales etc from which you can usually salvage a few usable AF11Xs unless you want to do away with them and use something like an AF127 etc.
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