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Default Re: Are AF11*'s repairable?

Originally Posted by Radio_Dave
Yes, I've heard about discharging a capacitor but I was wondering if it's possible to remove the outer casing and remove the whiskers completely?
You could drill out the innards and hide an AF127/125 or, current favourite here, AF239 inside the can. (Thanks Colin B for turning me on to that alternative).

Blasting with a cap has worked for me, but there's no more work involved in replacing with a new transistor so why bother unpicking it only to have to risk putting it back and finding that the heat from the iron has finished it off for good?
Unless it's from a TR82 type thing whose construction makes this easy and quick.

Snipping the screen lead can effect a cure that can last from a matter of seconds to another few years. I sometimes do that if I'm keeping a set in my collection and can simply fix as required, but for sets that I refurbish to sell, the risk of breakdown is not worth taking so any dodgy AF***s are replaced with brand new equivalents.

Should you choose to drill out the innards of a T07 can, the stuff is very hard indeed and you'll need the device held securely as well as a very sharp drill.

Have fun!
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